2.5 release candiate images for Lighthouse and ORx

Short summary of what 2.5 brings:

  • Support for bundles (see further below)
  • Support for using external storage alongside internal storage
  • Much more robust and faster external storage handling
  • Low disk space notification

What the heck are bundles?

Bundles are a bunch of files zipped up together and sent as a single file. They appear in the settings panel as a single item, but they contain a collection of files. As a result, you no longer run into a situation where you open a piece of content and the image is missing, or the content won’t appear in the Library view because metadata isn’t downloaded yet.

What happened to the external storage?

In the previous versions, only one storage device was supported at a time. Because of this, data from internal storage was always copied over to newly plugged-in external storage. Problem with this solution was that, if copying takes too long, the hotplug fails silently and you end up with a receiver that won’t start the user interface. This is no longer the case and external storage is used alongside internal storage as an extension, therefore not requiring any copying. As a result, external storage should mount much faster and the interface would continue to work without interruption during hotplug.

There are a few limitation still:

  • You can still use only one external storage device.
  • After plugging in the external storage, remaining free space on internal storage is not used at all so it kind of gets wasted (though logs and similar things are still written to internal storage, so it’s not totally wasted).

What’s going to be in RC3?

There is one more thing that got left out of RC2. We will remove the requirement to label external storage as EXT_STORE to simplify the operation.


NOTE: Files are still being uploaded so give it some time.

I upgraded my Lighthouse from outernet-rx-2.5a2 to outernet-rx-2.5rc3, and the 300 pages of files presumably extracted from the bundles files in the News directories all disappeared from my Library.

Also, all the file directories in the News section are empty

such as this one from PLOS (which used to be full of files)

I suspect all the files are still on my hard drive, but I haven’t checked that. Ken

We had a glitch with bundles today. They should be broadcasting again, though.

When I upgraded, shouldn’t all the files I had on my hard drive still displayed in the Library? Ken

How did you upgrade?

I used the USB stick method renaming the outernet-rx-2.5rc3.pkg to wt200.pkg.

On my storage device settings, I now see 2 storage locations, and the new files being downloaded are going into the internal storage rather than the external storage as before. How do I know that? At 2107 UTC my internal storage had 178.34 MB stored, and hard drive had 2.12 GB stored. Now at 2120 UTC, internal storage has 180.9 MB stored, and hard drive still has 2.12 GB stored. Ken

Can you up upload the system log somewhere?

Yes, I’m sending it to you by e mail. Ken

I am definetly not seeing my hard drive. I can’t see any of the downloads from the Outernet Weekly selections I used to have. Ken

Is the hard drive connection stable? No loose cables, no hard drive suddenly losing power? I see a whole bunch of content being periodically added and removed, as if the hard drive was connected and disconnected multiple times.

Rock solid. All I did was the prescribed USB version update. All is solid here.

Adding and deleting is a new phenomena I haven’t seen before. Ken

Ok, try this.

  • Power your box down.
  • Plug the disk into a PC running Windows.
  • It will no doubt complain that there are errors on the disk. Let it fix the errors.
  • Check the contents of the disk, make sure everything is there.
  • Plug the disk back in and power the receiver up.

After that, see if you see the files that were on the disk (may take a few minutes before you see them all). If you don’t, please send me the logs again.

I have the disk drive connected. Here are the folders:

Apps data has all the Tweet images:

Bundles is empty, News has all the files that I used to see (in 2.5a2 version) in the Library, Outernet Weekly Selections has all the same files, and updates has an empty wt200 folder.

Files are being added to the internal drive and being deleted from my hard drive as these numbers reflect.


Can you log into to receiver and run this command?

echo -ne '<get uri="/output"/>\0' | nc local:/var/run/ondd.ctrl

Tell me what it says.

I also notice the disk errors are not fixed. Did you run disk check on Windows?

Jan  1 00:00:39 outernetrx user.warn hotplug.sda1: Filesystem may have errors that could not be fixed

Here’s the answer:

Using username “outernet”.
[email protected]’s password:
[email protected]:~$ echo -ne ‘\0’ | nc local:/var/run/ond

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>/mnt/data/[email protected]:~$

I’ll do the disk check next. Ken

Hm, something’s definitely up with your hard drive or rc3 image. Can you try using an USB stick and see if it will use it as external storage using the same command above? Btw, rc3 no longer requires EXT_STORE label, so you can just plug in the stick.

Here’s my USB stick:

And here are the results of the above command:

Using username “outernet”.
[email protected]’s password:
[email protected]:~$ echo -ne ‘\0’ | nc local:/var/run/ond

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>/mnt/[email protected]:~$

By the way, my hard drive is still being checked - - it will be a while as it is 1 TB large.

It seems the issue is specific to your hard drive, but I’m not quite sure what could affect its operation other than integrity errors it may have had.