2023.01 1.0.6 questions

2023.01 1.0.6 questions

I have my dreamcatcher 2023.01 setup, it is running firmware 1.0.6. It arrived yesterday and I am happy with how easy it was to setup.
I have some questions about what the dreamcatcher is doing:

How long does content that is received stay on the SD card?
Is there a way to get to the files on the dreamcatcher that is not the files frame? Getting a folder view in a browser of the contents of the SD card would be great.
What are all the tbz2 files in messages?

Almost everything that is coming down from the satellite is text. It is frustrating that old devices with simple browsers can not access dreamcatcher content. The OLPC xo can not view the content on the dreamcatcher. A plain text interface option would be nice.

I found how to get the files over html. Replace x.x.x.x with your dreamcatchers ip address. I poked around a bit and found http://x.x.x.x/files/ which showed me



Each one has a list of what is on the dreamcatcher.

For example on my dreamcatcher I have http://x.x.x.x/files/News/2023-08-29/Boing%20Boing.This%20electric%20dirt%20bike%20can%20be%20your%20kids%20new%20favorite%20gadget%20for%20449.99.html

Now I just need to find a way to turn the listings on the dreamcatcher into something I can copy to another machine.

You may be able to use wget to pull them off of it

I would use curl to pull down the directory listing, jq to filter out the links for the stuff you want, then curl or wget to pull down what you want.

@Syed could we get a patch in the next release for large directories so like right now with the messages directory it gets large enough where the dream catcher 4 locks up trying just trying to get a directory listing to browse the folder.

Looking into this.

@tylerhoot Please try this:

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Mainly aimed at Syed. Can you confirm there is still weather maps and radio stations on the new hardware/software please. I am looking to buy however, whilst looking for new videos on othernet on youtube (very little, most 3 years or older) I noticed a youtube video where the creator can only get text documents which I have queried if he is doing it correctly, so I just wanted to raise this question.? Thanks in advance for any info on this.

@MacAbz Sorry for the slow reply. At this time, the latest hardware and firmware do not support the display of weather data, although the weather data files are still being broadcast. There is currently no audio live stream.

Current efforts are going towards incorporating a weak signal terrestrial transmit feature. If you are familiar with WSPR or JS8Call, the idea is to relay those signals over the Othernet broadcast. We already do something similar for APRS, but the difference here is to focus on a medium range transmitter that needs an antenna of reasonable length (quarter-wave).