2024 updates

People have likely moved in the past 5+ years, changed contact info, etc.

For those of us still waiting, considering the indiegogo site is no longer being updated, how do we update our contact details with you @Syed ?

The shipping details are pulled from Indiegogo, so if the address is correct there, nothing else needs to be done.

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Dude. Thanks for such a fast response. I’ve updated my details with no issue. This is my first time checking in on this in a long time. Are you able to perhaps do an update note here for the original indigogo backers that haven’t been lurking the forum threads? Thanks for this added transparency! I’m super non-technical, just a guy who liked the original description of the project, so plain language is appreciated.

@R_N Happy to provide some background on where things stand. I’m pasting every I wrote in August of 2023, as not much has changed since then.
What I’m still trying to figure out is how the broadcast can be an ongoing, self-sufficient service. What currently pays for the broadcast is the margin from Dreamcatcher sales. Well, that’s not actually true. I personally subsidize the broadcast and margin from Dreamcatchers offsets some of the costs. Once/if that core problem is solved, then I can develop a plan to deliver Lanterns–which are just Dreamcatchers inside of plastic enclosures.

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