2301/1.0.6 in Europe

I received mine this week, and i tried to use it as a drop-in replacement for the existing 3.05 (took the antenna cable from the 3.05 which was online and receiving and plugged it into the 2301).
Unfortunately it doesnt seem to work. SNR has dropped by a lot (from 0-2 to -10 - -9) and all i get is incresing “header errors” and very few packets
Is there something else i need to change in the receiver settings (a part from switching the receiver to EU Sat )?

I see another 2301 in Europe on the Othernet Status page. That one is running at 1906.960, perhaps if you try to re-tune a little in that direction.

Also, bump for @Syed, perhaps he has another idea.

@gigel Please increment the frequency by 10 kHz and then monitor the output on the display. Go up or down by a total of 100 kHz, just to see where the offset is. The 2301 should be pretty close to the same SNR as the 3.05.

@Syed thanks, that worked, i had to go up by quite a lot (100kHz is the sweet spot, before 80khz nothing happened.

Now SNR is closer to what it was before (-1/-2) and packets counter is increasing instead of errors.
Thanks for your help.