35cm Satellite Dishes for Sale - $50 shipped (USA only)


We have eight of these left over (new in box) from antenna testing. Please state in this thread if you’d like one. Once all eight have been sold I’ll send PayPal money requests for $50.

They come in plastic cases. It’s a really nice little dish. Very high quality. I can receive indoors with them. Your mileage may vary.

Im Interested… my paypal is to a different email address tho…

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Count me in. This is an interesting device.

I’ll take one,

I’ll order one.

I too am interested. Just wondering what, if any, documentation comes with the antenna? From the pics it look like a suction cup mount at the base; am I right?

I would like one, please. Thanks.

@star_gazr Yes, is a suction cup base. My guess is that it was meant for the top of campers.

That’s how it ships to you.

Unfortunately, no instructions at all.

There’s only one antenna left. The rest have been spoken for.

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add @ac8dg as interested, the email on my account is auto forwarded, contact is address on file

All antennas are now sold.

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Where were the antennas originally purchased?

Were purchased a pallet of various dishes and components from a manufacturer in Taiwan.

Was hoping you had a source here in US. Nice kit. As usual I’m a day late and a dollar short.

Well, looks like I am too late also. If you find more I’ll gladly take one! :<)

@brooksmd1948 @GolfIndia Apparently I have deficiencies in counting ten physical objects. There are two more antennas left. I’ll send you both the payment links.


Ahh bummer, I’m late too. Would love one.

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