3D files for printing

Including some useful appropriate tech .stl or perhaps even OpenSCAD files possibly from thingiverse with CC license, along with the bins for OpenSCAD and instructions into the feed for building a printer would really bump the usefulness of Outernet to an off-grid compound with sufficient funds to already have built an outernet receiver.

Can give you DXF 2D outline is that sufficient for your experimentation?

I don’t have an Outernet receiver set up yet, I have to make a LNA and L-band antenna first; but I was suggesting entirely practical .stl files for the end users to slice and print. I could look around myself but I suppose it would more be a community decision of data budget vs how much value could be added to the outernet feed for the remote Outernet users who had a receiver, computer, and 3D printer, CNC, etc and could derive benefit form especially good designs which might be tricky to design.
Perhaps a better format than a .stl file would be easy to hack parametric OpenSCAD designs where some variables are easy to assign as variables in the code for people to then compile themselves. The feed should probably include stuff like fasteners, cases, brackets, simple tools, and of course 3D printer parts like the Prusa Mendel so one printer can make more. For example below is a bicycle helmet rear view mirror or the parts to make a Brunton compass into an accurate land surveyors transit using a broomstick.

You can find the printable parts to make L-band antennas and other Outernet accessories too.

There is even the NASA space wrench which was designed on earth and transmitted to the ISS for printing and experimental use.