3D Model of Outernet LNA in Fusion 360

Hello all! I have been trying to learn Fusion 360 lately with grand dreams of using it for creating 3d prints, CNC jobs, etc. I am thinking of designing a case for the LNA so I went ahead and modeled it. Now I am not sure it is perfect, and if you are a Fusion 360 pro, or any 3d modeling pro, you may find my workflow atrocious, but it came out looking pretty decent and I think it is fairly accurate. Feel free to check it out and tell me if anything is off.

(FYI, most of the components on the board in the picture are a cheat, I took a picture and placed “decals” to make it look right.)


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Looks better than the real thing!

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It is not very friendly to making a case, because the SMA connectors are quite far inward.
I filed off the break tabs (you already did the same it seems) and then just cut a couple of small
pieces of tinplate size 4x2.5 and 4x1.5 cm and soldered those around the board with 4 1.2x1.5cm
pieces with half-round cutouts to cover the short edges around the connectors. But especially on the
male connector end it is a tight fit, it could be better to file the board a mm shorter under the connectors.

geez that is a good job!!!

I won’t say it was easy, but it was a lot less complicated than it looks. I am impressed with the current state of modeling software. Besides a few years ago when I first checked out Sketchup, I hadn’t really done any CAD type work since college. A LOT has changed!

I spent more time trying to figure out how to model the shape of the top of those connectors than I did on anything else! It was a silly, unnecessary detail but I got stuck on figuring out how it could be done!