3D printable Dreamcatcher Case - First completed Case



As I said before, i will make a Case for the Dreamcatcher when i get on ein my hands.
So here is my first Prototype (okay it’s half of a prototype and somewhat hacked togehter) of the new Case for the Dreamcatcher and Active Antenna. The completed Case will be completely closed :slight_smile:

  • It will be a little bit smaller and way thinner then the old one.
  • You will still be able to use almost any connector on the Dreamcatcher when it’s in the case.

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Be careful about the interference from the board when the antenna is laid flat on it. The EMI forced me to scrap an enclosure design.


Thanks for the Tipp!

But is the board (Dreamcatcher) really that noisy? Even the CHIP and SDRx are not interfering when they are right next to the Patch Antenna that should be more sensitive to EMI.

Also the Antenna would only lay flat in Transport. The maxmimal angle around the world is around 50° as far as I know.

I was already thinking about shielding the Dreamcatcher from the Antenna (top of the case, between Antenna and Dreamcatcher) so i should definitely do that :slight_smile:



I am still a strong supporter of the original ABS plastic Lantern case with the clear non-ABS plastic) cover. I could always fit a CHIP + all the other items inside. With the Dreamcatcher, there is a bit less room, but everything still fits. The box is completely portable and easy to carry around.

I have found the ABS plastic between the antenna and the active board is a good EMI reducer. Water proofing has been a non starter for me because of heat build up inside - - a completely closed box can’t handle the sun. To wit, the old plastic garbage bag cover :blush:

Any way, are you looking at going back in the Lantern-enclosure direction?


In the Moment anything works fine, no Signal Problems with the configuration that youc an see in the pictures :slight_smile:

(Just turned it on, so Valid Packets % are not accurate yet)



So my design of the case is almost done, but I still have to change some little things and print it after that.

here are some renders :slight_smile:



I’M Diggin it…


Does the lid stay open just by friction or is there some other mechanism to support it?


It uses a nut (in the Antenna holder) and a screw that holds the angle by friction.
In the past it worked quite well on my older case for the CHIP and Patch Antenna.

But if someone has a better idea, please send it my way :slight_smile:



That seems fine to me.


I now printed out a part of the case and my Dreamcatcher is working great.
Signal is way stronger and more stable than with the older Setup (sdrx and chip).

Running the Dreamcatcher in my Case for about 24h now and everything works great :slight_smile:

Older Setup:

(Both Receivers are right next to each other)

The Signal on the older Setup was at around 4db SNR today, but it changes a lot over the day.



Pics or it didn’t happen!




xD :smile: Here is a photo of my two setups standing side by side. I still have to print the top cover for the antenna and the cover for the Dreamcatcher.



Does the active antenna lay completely flat when the cable is disconnected?


Printed the top Cover for the Antenna today, but I have some quality issues with the prints of my 3D printer.
There is a 1mm tolerance for the antenna cover, so if it is printed in a better quality, it should fit without any gap.

@Syed As you can see in the following picture the Antenna can lay flat without the cable. There is still a 3-4mm gap between the connector and Dreamcatcher.



I got around to print out the top cover today, so the first case is complete! :slight_smile:

I also just found out that there are some pin headers that stop the case from closing xD
But I will fix that in Fusion360 soon, before I publish the files to thingiverse.

Also the cable is a littlebit to short (1cm for my 30° antenna angle) so I had to use an extension. I would recommend an angled sma cable to make anything a little bit more neat.



That’s sick… Wish I had a 3d printer.
What would it cost to make just the case for the DC.?


I don’t exactly know how you mean that but the cost of a case composits from the following components:

  • Plastic
  • Printtime
  • 3D Printer wear and Energy used

To print one out you could ask a friend or pay some one near you on a 3d Hub (Marketplace for printing something out for you).
A lot of websites will estimate the cost after uploading a model you would like to have printed out.

hope that helps you.

regards from germany,


This looks awesome. I will definitely try to find someone to print one for me, once the design is finalized and published. Great work!