3D printable Dreamcatcher Case - First completed Case


Don’t forget, the new Dreamcatchers will be coming out in January 2018, and will have a different profile. Add that to a Ku-band LNB, and the design will be different than a case for the L-band unit.

I suggest you wait till then to buy a case. Ken


I have to test the device in remote area upcountry soon
So i will just buy one box for now to weather proof the antenna


@tylerhoot Don’t suppose you want to chunk this one up as well? :slight_smile: For some reason meshmixer crashes instantly upon launch on my machine. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2497183


where is it to large?


MP Mini Delta is 110mm(dia) x 120mm tall, so each of the needed parts split into 4 line you had done for the v3 case I think should work. If you’re interested in spending the time. A buddy was supposed to print on his Mendell Max but he’s having some issues with the printer currently. Thanks again!.


i have the monoprice select mini V1 thats funny


what gen of the dream catcher do you have?


Looking for the v2 case, the L-Band model. I’m printing your chunked v3 case but lately I’ve been having adhesion issues with the corners a lot, looks like here too, not as drastic after switching to kaptom and heating the bed but it used to never have this problem. Bed is pretty beat up though. :slight_smile: I’ve put close to 2kg through it, was one of the first pre-order ones. Haven’t found a replacement bed in stock anywhere yet. Going to try glass next.


yes i had adhesion issue on my printinz plate with PETG on one of the parts still glued ok you might want to look in to a printinz plate you will need to contact them to have them custom cut you one i think they still do custom plates for free but dont quote me there https://www.printinz.com/printinz-plate-3d-printer-bed-upgrade/


is there a special coating on the printbed?

I just use a aluminium bed that is heated on my Delta for PLA and PETG. Works great!


Ya, mine has some kind of layer on it that originally worked great but now its scratched, melted, etc from a lot of wear. I’ve got some 3mm fancy glass and thermal pad on the way, we’ll see how that does, at least until I can get a replacement bed without that layer, just plain aluminum.


you can get new build tack to put down that is what you need