98% of content - weather files

Hello everyone,
Sorry I’m novice and ask noob question, but over 1 week I received only 8 photos, ~5 files with text info and many weather files every day. No wikipedia pages or other content… :sob:
I use DIY receiver with Raspberry PI3 & rxOS 3.1, may be I need configure something? I use default settings, but may be it filtered other content or I need send request for receive content?
On the bottom - screenshot from my Tuner Settings page:

I think signal level and SNR is normal…
Please help me.

Hi Yuri,

What you are asking about content is a good question.

But I think the answer is Outernet is trying to develop different data send modes and now at the moment they are getting the Magnificent weather app right.

We have had lots of Wikipedia files weeks ago and then we got APRS Amateur radio messages.

I look forward to what will be next.

Why don’t you go to the file-cast center and send a less than 10kb file?


Welcome to Outernet


Hello Yuri

Your system is working fine. Here in Maryland, US, on Americas 98 W, I am seeing the same files you and @Seasalt are seeing.Ken

@Seasalt @Kenbarbi
Many thanks you for answers, I’m just worried that something was wrong…
Wow, and now wiki about Bill Clinton came to me… :smile:

Just set up my kit and connect. Was very easy.

I see no content however, other than a single PDF which is the manual file.

I watched someone else set their up and there was a weather map and other content. I’m assuming that it was taken down and things are just being tested right now.

Had to take down my radio as I just set it up temporarily outside, but am working on getting where I can leave it up for updates, etc. Got some extension antenna and USA cables to do so.

I agree
Most of the content now is the weather files.
While I appreciate the excellent visuals, I was hoping for much more news and Wikipedia data