99 percent for the past few hours?

The Fiji file shows up in the tuner settings, and I still am receiving packets, but its been stuck at 99% all day. Is there some sort of ‘timeout’ where the librarian can give up trying to download a file?

Or is this amount of time expected? It downloads lots of things very quickly, but only gets stuck on the Fiji file:

This isn’t an issue anymore … I think?

I think that the librarian part is just really slow at indexing stuff.
How do I make it rescan/refresh the file list?
Also, is there a way to put that weather app’s index.html file straight on my box? How often does it get transmitted /uploaded?

What do you mean by this? The weather data is updated once per day.

I mean the globe app that’s supposed to show the maritime data… It’s an ‘index.html’ file, right? Well, I don’t have it preloaded on my CHIP device, and it hasn’t downloaded along with the updated weather data…

What am I missing?

It took my machine a few days before I got a copy of the weather index.html file. I suspect it is only transmitted once a week.

Now I understand the question. Yes, it will eventually come preloaded in images, like it is in Skylark (the beta image). I’m not sure what priority level it has in the queue (@Abhishek has a better idea of this). But a couple times a week is a safe assumption.