A process for file chunking and reconstruction to meet the 10KB upload restriction? - @Sam_uk?

Hi @sam_uk and others,

We at UMass Amherst have been trying to figure out a relatively easy process for breaking up content files (e.g., pdf) that we want to have transmitted via Outernet into 10KB chunks. We’ve come up with a process that converts a pdf to a text file and then divides it into 10KB parts but it loses all the embedded images which really is unsatisfactory.

Has anyone identified a way to do this that is relatively easy and still maintains the content integrity?

Thank you,

Charlie Schweik
UMass Amherst

What about some form of zip file that would break the file up in to the require amount? then when the receiver has all the parts will re construct it again ?

Somthing else to look into is:
As a ham radio operator, we use a system called Packet radio, Its on 1200 baud but we are able to “chop up” files to send this system is called 7Plus, Maybe this could be another option for sending files in smaller chunks?
Hope this helps


Split and cat x can do this as discussed here

The issue @Abhishek pointed out is that it’s good to have each ‘bit’ of the file readable in it’s own right. So maybe use html files as your source?

I think it’s on Outernet’s roadmap to impliment this in some way, but they obviously have a lot of plates spinning.

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Thanks Steve for the idea. We’ll investigate and report back.

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Thanks Sam. We’ll try it out! Charlie

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