A Squirrel Eat My Cable

A squirrel chewed thru my satellite LNB cable - - :cry:

Cable cut

I hope he liked the uploads! Ken

My aunt has had a squirrel do the same thing to their coax line to their isp / cable tv provider… Don’t know what the squirrel is getting out of this .

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Still an amazing little creature. It takes the top of a orange off in a perfect circle.

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Maybe our programming is too squirrely?

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I replaced my outside cable with Belden RG6 Low Loss Cable (purchased from BHPhotoVideo.com) and am achieving the following great performance:


For this test, I placed the entire 500 ft cable reel into my circuit. I have a 20 dB Pico in-line amp at both ends - - one at the LNB and the other before my Dreamcatcher. My Bullseye is installed on an 80 cm offset Ku dish.

For comparison, Dreamcatcher performance directly connected at the base of the LNB/Ku Dish is Rssi -78 dBm with an SNR of 8.0 dB.

My final installation will traverse a different path than before and will be shorter than 500 feet, but at least I know I’m good at 500 feet. Hopefully, it will be squirrel proof :rofl:

Additionally, I performed three other tests - - Removing either of the 20 dB in-line amp at the Dreamcatcheror LNB ends results in a reduced Rssi to -98 dBm and a reduced SNR to 5.5 dB. Removing both in-line amps results in an Rssi of -109 dBm and SNR of -10.5, but I’m retaining lock. Syed has previously said the Dreamcatcher’s lower end threshold is about -90 dBm, but I’m keeping lock well below that.

To be safe in my final installation, I will have 1 or 2 in-line amps to keep my Rssi higher than -70 dBm.Ken

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