Abdulaziz ali alamri

Me a month and a half from the date of the requests of the device did not send it to me and all the follow-up to say back to you within a week, a small company, and so the question Are the theft of $ 99 dollars, which withdrew from the card Please return the amount I do not want in the device because there are no have any credibility of this whole pre-sales I wonder what will be the situation after the sale, warranty, and which is set to auto-reply and Emily does not have a phone number on your website to communicate

Calm down,

they have issues to get hold of the CHIP mini pc because they are so popular.

I received my order from the end of December in January and everything is working fine.
A month ago my SDR dongle broke, after a short post here in the forum they send a new one to me.
After only 9 days i got a whole new SDR dognle for free as a replacement.

You should get your device as soon as they have eneugh CHIP pcs.


@Tysonpower Thanks for the vote of confidence. We are working as hard as we can to satisfy all of our customers.

@2127 Can you please provide your order number? I could not find an order with this email address and the email you sent to [email protected] also does not have an order associated with it.