Adding Archived Contents to Outernet Librarian

Tested with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B:

  1. Get a USB flash drive. I tested this with a Kingston 8GB flash drive
    formatted as FAT32.
  2. Plug it into your computer and create a new folder named
  3. Navigate to the Outernet archive at [][1]
  4. You will see a list of zip files. Download few of them to your computer’s local drive.
  5. Copy the downloaded zip files to ‘import_content’ folder in USB flash drive.
  6. Soft-eject the flash drive from your computer and plug it to the running Outernet receiver. (any free USB port in the Raspberry Pi)
  7. Connect to the Outernet WiFi access point using your computer of mobile device.
  8. Visit Outernet Librarian by typing (or librarian.outernet/en) in your web browser’s address bar.
  9. Expand the Outernet menu. You can see a new menu item called ‘Updates’ with the number of available updates. Click on this.
  10. In next page, click ‘Add all to Library’ to add all content packages or add one by one by clicking on ‘Add to library’ button in content preview list.
  11. Now click ‘Library’ menu item. The new contents are there!
  12. View/Play contents by clicking on the title.