Advanced configuration of Skylark


In addition to the GUI, are there other ways to configure Skylark? I mean configurations via command line.

For example, I would like to set up a cronjob that regularly deletes unwanted content. Furthermore, I would have certain actions performed at system startup.

How can I set up such configurations permanently?

SSH into it using the “othernet” account. You’ll have full Linux command line access. I have a cron job that reboots my V3 board every Sunday morning.

@Mark_Phillips Thank you.

When I call crontab -e as user root only a “Command not found” comes up.

If I create a symlink under /usr/share/www it is gone after a reboot.

Huh. Seems there’s not crontab. It really is a cut down Linux. Lets add this to the list of things we’d like added. Maybe I am mistaken about having a cron job on this thing? I definately had one on the RPi.

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It would be nice to support a start script and a cronjob that can be customized by any Skylark administrator.

I had a similar idea… ssh into the dreamcatcher and reduce the led brightness. but when it reboots it is back to the original software setting… nothing is saved on the the protected volume

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Is more information the OS settings. I like to do some mods but I need to turn off this protective volume. I will start to look into how it works.