Any Possibilies of return to larger bandwidth or Timed Schedule?

Since the reduction in bandwidth and change in frequency My installations are extremely unusable, and I cannot set up any demonstrations. Thus, I cannot promote to anyone using Othernet.

Could the larger bandwidth signal be broadcast on a less then 24hr/day schedule. For example “on” for for one hour, then “off” for five hours?

It wouldn’t make a difference in pricing i believe, plus you’d constantly have to change the beam type in the software.

Leases are for fixed amounts of bandwidth on an annual basis.

OK Syed,

What’s the next step/steps on the ladder toward success? Please share.

Next step is to get reception working on the European beam. And then mass production while work continues on the firmware.

One comment on firmware. Two of my 3.05 boards have failed. I am now back to the 3.03 boards which seem to run cooler and more reliably.

Maybe I should have posted this in the Dreamcatcher 4 thread