Anyone have a Dreamcatcher for sale?

How am I only hearing about this now? I love the idea of a one-way stream of important and/or timely data that works when nothing else does.

I read the forums for a while and I see that there is new hardware coming out soon. It looks like I’m late to the party, having just missed out on the Dreamcatcher v3.05, which now shows out of stock.

Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell? I also have some miscellaneous stuff to trade (DSS/DTV dish, some co-ax, etc) if that’s of interest to anyone.

I’m good with both electronics and software and I’ve read Kenbarbi’s excellent FAQ (on the older hardware) so I know what’s involved.

Sorry about the inventory error. There are about 30 pieces still in stock. The web store has been updated with this information.


Beautiful! Submitting an order now… Maybe I should get two for the chat feature! :smiley:

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I find it funny this wheeler and dealer wants to trade and juggle junk and then feels he should get 10 units.

maybe this big shot may get one for me :wink:

Syed thanks for the update in availability.

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I find it funny this internet rando is concerned about what I’m doing.

For the record-

When I originally posted, the site showed the Dreamcatcher was out of stock, how else was I to get one other than post a WTB?

After Syed posted that they were in stock, I came back and tried to edit my post to get rid of the offer to buy or trade, but the forum said it had been too long and I could not remove the text.

My next step was to place an order for two units, which I did and they were already received, in fact. Thank you, Othernet!

I’ll give you the benefit of the (strong) doubt that you were making a joke about binary or something, and can actually tell the difference between ten and two.

In case any other self-important internet police are wondering - I no longer need to purchase or trade anything.

Thanks for all the concern.