Anyone Receiving in Sub-Saharan Africa (IS-20)?

The teleport says that the signal is being received from IS-20, but we have a partner in Malawi that is not getting anything.

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Hi Syed.

Greetings from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa). After a 3rd attempt to lock IS 20, I have finally connected to the satellite on June 11, 2016, with a rather impeccable signal and quality values and yet there is “No Service” as shown in the screenshot.

Is there something I have missed preventing my device from receiving data?

Thanks your feedback.


FYI: I’m using Librarian 3.1. I updated my Lighthouse device one week ago.

Funny enough, I was experiencing the exact same problem last week on the Lighthouse at the office. Can you try changing the LNB-type to “North American Ku Band” ?

I changed the LNB-type as you asked @Syed. No result as you can see in the screenshot. No signal, no lock.

Were you able to confirm with the satellite meter or a set top box that you are definitely connected to IS20? I ask because I just checked out remote monitor in Malawi and we are definitely receiving files from IS20. That monitor is running the same version of the firmware as you have, so another possible explanation is that you may be pointed to the wrong satellite. This has happened to both @branko and myself in the past.

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Hi @Syed. Thanks for your note. Following that I made some adjustments in the settings. As you can see in the screenshot below,

  1. I chose to “Custom…” in the choice of satellite
  2. Changed the delivery type from “DVB-S” to “DVB-S2”
  3. Changed the Polarization from “Vertical” to “Horizontal”
  4. Clicked on “Update settings”

And that’s it… Content is downloading. The 20 pages Lighthouse Manual v3.1.pdf was the first file completely downloaded.

I’m so happy :grinning: tonight.


@branko The remote in Malawi is using the presets and is downloading without issues, but @JoeUMCom used completely different settings. How could this be?

FYI, with the delivery system type unchanged, data is still sent.

That’s good to knows. Theoretically, the DVB-S2 setting should always work with a DVB-S stream, as S2 is backwards compatible. But this is the first time we’ve actually tested it. Thanks!