APRS feed upgrades

The APRS feed system has been upgraded and now the feeds have a latency of about 5 minutes, compared to the previous 1 Hour.

Please report APRS-related problems in this thread.

Remember to use “OUTNET” in your path!

The APRS messages zip files are just sticking in the opak directory and not unpacking. Been like that since yesterday

how many are in the opak directory?

This may be a really silly question… but…
How can we display or use this AMPR data? It won’t import into YAAC for example ( YAAC is an AMPR mapper that can use tcp/ip or coma delimited files etc. http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html )

In Skylark I can just see the raw files, which is not much to look at LOL!
Am I missing something?

APRS 5 min Latency. Well done guys. This is great news.

Outernet just gets better and better.

what to you do with that data @Seasalt ? :slight_smile:

patience man. I am just one guy.

An integrated viewer is coming.

YACC, I think also added support for pulling in files from the Outernet Receiver - check with the author.

As its not possible for Outernet to be the ultimate source of all viewers for all kinds of data, it is expected that the standard software providers add such support.

I am sure there are viewers that allow importing these files manually/over ftp etc.

oh no @Abhishek I wasn’t expecting you to build in a viewer… You are a busy fella anyway!!
I was wondering if I was missing something really, and when @Seasalt was saying how brilliant it was, I figured he could answer the question :slight_smile:

Anyway, what are you doing working on a holiday!!! :slight_smile: