Availability in Europe

I see there is coverage and yet no device to buy.


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That was the coverage of the satellite when they switch the EU beam on - they haven’t as of yet

According to another post from Syed, he’s finalising the next version of the DC soon

OK, because it been a while.

Nice, I’m hoping Syed will use this bird as it has great coverage. They had some issues several months ago when they first brought up service on SES. I don’t know if the new LNB will solve it, or they chose a different solution. I’m going to take my portable to Europe next week and be prepared to do some testing… Ken

Most of us “hams” and “hackers” have rung Othernet out for a long time. The most important addition - - is for service in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and Russia where free access to news and information may be limited.

That said, I still view Russia Today (rt.com), and Iran’s Press News (presstv.com) to get new perspectives on world news so I can formulate good opinions. Ken

Can I order the device for Europe?

Yes, you can. But you must pay customs. It is better you know someone in the US who can send it to you privately.

Right, if it is put aside… It is working well for you?

@Coper Apart from small problems the Dreamcatcher works well. Here in Berlin (Germany) the reception is very good. You only need to hold the LNB approximately in the right direction.

With direct shipping I had to pay about 25,- Euro customs. :frowning:

25 Euro not so bad, despite the base price which better than 99 Dollars. I have been waiting to get this for at least 3-4 years. I hope that more services will come about.

As power supply I can recommend a power supply for the Raspberry PI. Otherwise problems may occur. See Malfunction of my Dreamcatcher

Good to know…

Same here for me in Düsseldorf. I can hold the LNB out of the window and get a lock onto the stream.

What causes the customs fee to be so high?


Without a dish?

In Central Europe you don’t need a dish. Where are you from?

During my first attempts I had secured the LNB with foam so that it points in the right direction. The reception was already very good.

Then I built this mount:

I am in the capital of Belgium.

Then you have good reception.

I took another look at the bill:

EU St./Import VaT: 10.08 Euro
Vorlageprovision (Submission commission): 12.50 Euro
VAT (19%): 2.38 Euro

Total: 24.96 Euro