Back in business!

Hi all,
after the end of the Ku-band transmissions, Outernet-reception ended for me. But now, after hanging around a couple of weeks at the german customs, the L-band-kit arrived yesterday. Setup was easy and it is receiving now with SNR up to 8dB with grey skies today. APRS and weather-data are streaming in and a PVC-radome is also fitted.

Best wishes to all,
Wolfgang, DH2WS

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Can you send a picture of your radome?

LUCKY, Iwish I have a similar experience. Connecting to WIFI is erratic as also the reciever.

Hi all, ran into same problems as discribed by others. Wifi became unreliable. Tried several new starts, no help. This morning i prepared my trusty RPI and started again. Since a couple of hours everything seems to be ok. Even the SNR seems to be better (up to 10 dB now). Perhaps the Chips`s radio produces interference to the L-Band Signal?

Syed, enclosed a picture of my all-singing, all dancing radome, hi!

Best wishes to you all,

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I noticed something similar with the radio in client mode on an RP3.

I would see SNR of 5 db flash for a second, and then the wifi IO desensed it.

I turned it off using SSH, went to a cable connection, and the SNR stabilized.