Becoming a volunteer

Because from time to time I see requests for volunteering for Outernet, I have created a Volunteer HQ section which will be used by volunteers. The “About” topic in that section contains more information about how you can become a volunteer and available projects. If you wish to volunteer, please take a look at it first.



I am able to volunteer myself using digital marketing techniques via mass mailing ( owned opted in data), social media, seo and many more ways. Following is my linkedin profile for reference:

It will be great to hear from you.


i would like to become volunteer in doing testing in Sri Lanka and proving feedback i had good knowledge with open source and networking material.
Thank You

Hi mi name is Julio Raúl Mazariegos Pérez, I’m from Guatemala. I don’t know if this is the correct way of sending you this information, but I just wanted to help to this awsome project in any way.
I speak spanish and english and can write both of them.
I’m a student of Law school and will graduate next year.
I don’t know in what specific project I can help, but I’m willing to do whatever is needed to support this project.
And also I just wanted to say that the idea behind this project is simply awsome and that you can change the whole world with it. And it’s amazing how can all people in the world can work together, because, I’m in Guatemala, a country in Central America, and I already know about the project, and if this happen, the power you have to reach a lot of people in unbelievable.

How do we send messages in the mobile view, I’m not seeing a “send” section in messages only reply.

Do you mean in private messages? If so, they’re treated as a forum post between two people, so ‘reply’ is the correct button to press.

@branko I am a computer technician and voice actor. How may I help this project?

Hi, I Sam and I live in Colombia and I have 15 years (I wish to have more), I appreciate your noble cause , because I think this will be the technology of the future. I wish to be a volunteer. Tell me how to help and I’ll do as much as I could possibly do!

I am Anderson, Brazilian, student of Electrical engineering, I have some experience in CAD applications, microcontrollers Programming and, of course Arduino too, and I work with aviation!
You can see a few about me here: http:/



I am a PhD in Education and am really excited about the possibilities of your project. I work with govts and individuals to design large scale education improvement and reform projects. My current work is primarily in the US and China, but we are quickly making linkages to sites of educational change around the world. One important part of our work is linking teachers and children around the world with each other to create grass-roots educational reform through the real time exchange of expertise and information sharing.

Please let me know if this kind of collaboration might be of interest to you.
Wonderful work! Thank you!

Hello I am Alastair. I am the owner of a small media company that produces independent game and talk shows in Hollywood, Los Angeles area. I have always been interested in the Outernet project and have I’ve started preparing my company for the future of Outernet access. I would like to contribute to the development of the Outernet. I am web designer and a developer of basic apps for social media. I am expanding my knowledge for developing stand alone apps. My tech hobbies are building hobby drones and other electronics. Please let me know how I can contribute.