Blogger here, I have some questions

Hello, I’m a blogger and I want to write an article about Outernet. I’m a detailed tech person so my questions are detailed. Sorry! First I’d like to get the parts (hardware and software and data) organized so I understand what is what, then I have some questions.

The parts

  • Is it sold from a US location?
  • I know a CHIP computer is involved along with a flat receiver. I assume the CHIP computer needs a powerbank outputting 5vdc.
  • I also know the device is receive only.
  • What comprises the hardware? I have already found the $99 DIY kit
  • What comprises the “core” software? What does each piece of software do? How much does it cost?
  • Does the software run on Windows?
  • What is Skylark?

About the Lantern device

I know the Lantern is a solar-charged receiver with battery, data storage and a wifi hotspot.

  • Is there a global password to allow anyone to use the hotspot?
  • Is there user-level security where users would have to create a username and password? This would be to allow different groups of users to access different folders of content.
  • It appears to support Wifi. Does it support Bluetooth?
  • What is the milliamp hous of the battery in the Lantern?
  • Does the Wifi hotspot need its own IP address? If so, how does one get an IP address?

More questions about the DIY kit

  • I know there is “core” content. What if I don’t want any of the core content? The device is limited to 20mb per day. Limiting what a person downloads would be important.
  • The DIY kit does not appear to have a case. Does someone else build a case or will one be available in the future?
  • If it has a case, can I leave the receiver outside then run a cable inside to the signal booster, CHIP computer, etc?
  • Can the DIY kit be hooked to a USB 5v adapter plugged into the mains power? (Given everything is weatherproof.)
  • How do we point the receiver at the satellite to make sure we get the best signal?
  • How do we determine what time of day the satellite will be at the best position so we can check the receiver orientation?
  • For administration software, can I connect the CHIP computer to a Windows or other PC? Or do I need a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse just for the CHIP computer?

Thank you for your time to answer these questions. The article will not be posted until around Jan 25, 2017. But you can go to to see it.

Please reread all the documantation in The website. And than come back. Sorry.

I have written an article about Outernet’s L-band activities for The Spectrum Monitor ( which is going to be published in their February 2017 Edition - - it’s an on-line subscription magazine that took up where The Monitoring Times left off when the Groves retired.

If you contact me at [email protected], I’ll send you an advance copy to your e mail. Can’t do it thru the Forum or its message board. Ken

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Ken might you don’t want to directly place email for anti-spam reasons :wink:
I did it a few times and robot scripts collecting that quite fast :frowning:

I Filecasted the text of the article to Outernet. You should see it in the Community Content Folder today. It is called Outernet L-band Article for Spectrum Monitor. Ken