Boosting Signal - Penetrating Jungle Canopy

Any suggestions for how to get a signal through jungle canopy? Is a bigger/stronger antennae going to do anything or do i need to look into other devices?


Jungle canopy is very problematic in that the density is just so thick. What i do in heavily forested situations for satcoms is to get a good bearing and elevation with a compass and clinometer to the satellite location. Then move around to find that one spot where the light peers through, and setup there. It works very well for geostationary satellites…

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You can use something like this to get the bearing and elevation (in advance if you know where youll be if no internet)

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higher gain antenna will help you a lot, the problem in L-Band quite problematic to make a practical size and higher gain antenna then the Outernat patch.

Perhaps some carefully built helicals can give somewhat higher gain.

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A reflector might be your best bet. If it’s heavy foliage with no sunlight peering through, you might be taking a 10dB hit right off the bat.