Build your own Outernet Receiver (ORx) - pre-alpha install scripts

No, sorry.

Exactly, it’s 100~240V AC in, 12V DC out.

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Ah 12v out! Good thing I hadn’t yet started on the 5 volt power regulators yet for my ORx. Always good to wait until everything is in-hand!

Here’s the label on the adaptor:

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Thank you. I ordered the same dish and lnb as you did. hopefully it’ll get here sometime next week and i can start working on it.

i’ve already got the Pi ready to go.

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Everything came in today. I’m off to home depot to get coax. i opened the sat dish and i bought a sat finder. but i’ve never done this before so im sure it;ll take me days.

i know galaxy 19 is 97 degrees but the sat i have only goes to like 60 when tilting and no azimuth.

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I need to find a powered coax. the sat finder i bought needs one. hopefully i can find one tomorrow.

Fun times :smile:

Use this website to help point your dish:

Note that 97 degrees is the compass direction, not the tilt angle. :smile:

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Aha! that makes more sense. Thank you. I tried dishpointer and even downloaded the app. however since im trying to use the tripod it came with and not mounting on the roof i dont think it has enough elevation. Also, with the app i cant seem to get the sat to stay on my screen. I have a general idea where to point it but i know these things have to be precise.

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