Bullseye LNB TCXO Output Details


I’m looking for some more detailed information on the 25 MHz TCXO output of the Bullseye LNB.

Can such information be made available? A minimal, redacted schematic of just the TCXO section please? What is the output impedance? What is Vpp?

I am using the Bullseye LNB in an application where I’m also observing the actual TCXO frequency - for fine frequency correction in DSP of the actual received signal.

Many thanks,

Not a direct answer, but the realigment procedure is being made available here: https://github.com/g4eml/Bullseye-Calibrator/blob/main/Bullseye%20LO%20Re-Alignment%20Procedure.pdf

There’s also an adaptation circuit included for the ‘red port’, which may help answer your questions.