Buy nine dollar CHIP

Can I buy the CHIP, download Skylark software and install it myself?
I have everything else.

If you go to you can order one but it will take a while, everything is on back order.

Is it the same board Outernet uses? At one time someone said it had to be an “Alpha board”, whatever that means.

As far as I am aware the new DIY kits are shipping with v1 CHIPS so it should be fine.

EDIT: I just checked the skylark thread and the new v1 CHIPS are supported.

OK thanks. Think I’ll go that route.
Bye, Bye, Raspberry Pi! It was a good trip.

We are currently including the Alpha CHIPs in the DIY kit. It was all that NTC has in stock when we bought or last shipment.

Yo tengo el chip comprado en y funciona muy bien, claro que he pagado mas por el envĂ­o que por el chip. :joy:


I have the chip bought in and it works very well, of course I have paid more for the shipment than for the chip. :joy:

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Would I be able to buy one? I would like a spare CHIP for my outernet receiver, just in case. I don’t know how NTC expects their v1 CHIP to stay put with only one mounting hole. My v1 CHIP doesn’t.

We try not to sell them separately, but for existing customers–especially active forum members–we are more than happy to. Can you drop a line to [email protected] with the request?

Will do, as soon as paypal clears my funds. Should only be a day or so. Thank you.