C.H.I.P. is dead

My C.H.I.P. is dead. Only power light. No USB detected (or any other sign of life).

Might put it in the freezer for a bit and see if that allows a boot as I read on Next Thing forum that that has work for a couple users long enough to boot again anyway, not a fix. FYI: Air cooled unit. As in it was hanging open in the air below a window indoors.

And just think I was about to post my scathing review of the skylark software and flaws in the implementation of the hardware setup. I do love the concept tho.

i would disconnect it from everything and let is sit for while (1hr or so).

Then try again. worked for me every time. Another idea would be to onky connect the CHIP to power…

The CHIP also cann not be detected by another pc when it is not in flashing mode as far as i know.


Couple of hours in the freezer. No luck.

C.H.I.P. did work over USB before the death.

I might give the flasher a chance, I mean what can I lose?!

Flasher also a no go. I remember it trying to install drivers the first time I did this on another laptop. It should have looked for drivers on this one. nope. and of course the outernet in a box flasher timed out looking for a FEL mode C.H.I.P.

In other words --> “She’s dead Jim” - Bones of Star Trek fame.

Maybe overnight in the freezer and 1 more try?