Can sites integrate outernets content?

I was wondering if outernet allowed such a thing since you seem to want more things about outernet seen by the public.

I wanted to add your database that included things you uploaded via outernet onto our sites. We think having this would convince more people aware of outernet in the first place, but also be a good library for our site members.

Here is a url to show what I am talking about.

If this url breaks the rules of the forum I mean not to break any rules.

But if you allow us to embedd your library on our sites, we will leave it up, if you feel it violates your terms of service, we will remove it.

If you allow it, we would hope to get more people asking questions about outernet in general so they may want to get it.

It doesn’t violate our terms, but you should be aware that the Librarian demo isn’t mean for mass-consumption (yet), so it may have an effect of DoSing it.