Can the Outernet Forum please be sent over L-Band and available through Library

Syed how hard would it be to have the forum sent over L-Band and into Library?

If you made all photograph and attachment uploads “HIGHLY” compress their attachments I think It could work and also It would be very informative for all Outernet REMOTE users.

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Running on a CHIP would be tough. But maybe we can figure out a way to send the content in a way that can be easily consumed.

@Abhishek What is your knee jerk reaction to only sending the forum content as text files?

What about as a cloned, text only webfile?

It’s a nice idea.

Why not spend the time on sorting RSS feeds which should be a fairly trivial problem, and would open up a whole load of useful content.

Then you could just grab along with the other feeds?

Are you saying there is a tool which allows you to automate getting selected RSS feeds and converting them to a cut down list and cut down to bare text and then posts them to something like Outernet?

I think it would be a great idea.

At 1MB an hour we are rich in text based stuff.

It doesn’t exist yet, but I think it should be fairly easy to set up. is FOSS and can fetch full text feeds, strip html could be run locally on the ‘carousel machine’.

Then copy the files over to the carousel with a script?

Or another approach would be to use wget on a RSS feed and then script to strip out the images & turn into HTML

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