Cannot change satellite, folder not showing

Hi All, I’ve been troubleshooting my setup since I received the hardware. I can start the VM and bring up the demodulator but I believe the default satellite is Europe, and I’m trying to change it to americas. The documentation says it’s in tmp/VM/ but I’m not seeing it ,the folders don’t exist . What I’m I missing?

Using outernet in a box on Lubuntu, qemu, and chmod as said in docs. Thanks

@Abhishek @Thomas_Smith Did you see any errors while installing qemu or 666 chmod /dev/kvm?

I don’t recall any errors

/tmp/vm, not /tmp/VM

Did you use the readme script to start OuternetInABox, or typed the command yourself? If /tmp/vm does not exist, you would have gotten an error at start up.

The is a script you can execute - it makes /tmp/vm if it does not exist.

Have it working now. Install script worked. Thanks