Cannot open any files! (Solved)

All files are stuck in opaks as .tbz2 even after files download to 100%.
~12dB with no packet failures with a 8 turn helical antenna.
Running Librarian v4.0.post2 / rxos 2.0 on a Raspberry pi 3.
Why can’t I open these files? I feel like I am taking crazy pills!

How long have they been in the opaks folder? Did you look in the appropriate folder (news, weather, etc) to see if they have showed up there. I may not be able to help much as I don’t have much experience with librarian.

they’ve been in the opaks folder for a couple of hours and the only folders I have in Librarian are opaks and outernet-lband-manual (the defaults that come with the software)

Just installed a newer version of rxos on a new sd card and it worked right away.
Amazing tech!