Can't Get Into Network Settings

I’m a great one for getting stuck without a backdoor.

Today I explained how to connect a Lantern to a WiFi (rather than use the Lantern’s Hot Spot), and I posted my WiFi’s password - - shame on me. Well I changed the WiFi password, and then to my surprise couldn’t get back into my Lantern as it was set to go to my network with my old password.

I couldn’t figure out how to get back into the Lantern again to set things right!! How do you do that???

I changed my WiFi password back to the old one, and was able to get back into the Lantern to reset everything, but it made me think. What if I set up on a local WiFi (say in a hotel or library), and the WiFi goes away (or I go away from the WiFi before I change my Lantern to the Hot Spot mode) - - I could be in serious trouble. Ken

Rxos flips back to Hotspot mode after a few minutes if it fails to connect to wifi. If you have set the incorrect wifi password, or your wifi AP has gone away (the hotel is a perfect example), etc, just reboot the CHIP physically, wait, and in a few minutes the “Outernet” Access point should show up.

Note that merely the internet going down will not trigger this. Rxos only checks if it can associate with your access point, and if it fails to, it flips to hotspot mode.

Of course if you also changed the access point name and password, you’d need that to get in :smiley:

I tried this with my Alpha Lantern running rxOS Version 3.1 and it worked.

Makes me think we need another Appendix Section in the L-Band Receiver Manual called Hints and Hacks to describe these more esoteric functions that are more user oriented than builder oriented. I’ll work on something, then post it to the the Filecast Center and here in the Discussion Forum for opinions. Ken

I think the L-band Receiver Manual needs to be turned into either a shared document or wiki. It’s on the to do list.

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