Change size weaker balloons

Sometimes balloons cover up other balloons. I propose to reduce size of yellow balloons, and reduce ever further the red balloons. Green balloons should be the largest as they are now.

@Seasalt Have you figured out why your balloon is disappearing? Ken at 2241 UTC 3 Nov 2016

I think my CHIP is not coping and after a couple of days stops working and needs a reboot. Then the Balloon appears over the Philippines for a day or so.

I do not like to reboot the CHIP for the sake of having a balloon as it interrupts the still working decoding of data.

I am on very poor internet so that could be a contributing factor.

I see everything Involving CHIP and Library as being in a state of constant change and improvement so I am sort of not too worried about it.

I would rather see new features added to Outernet Library rather have a guarantee my balloon in the Philippines will appear.

Interesting point about the CHIP, @Seasalt. I had the exact same problem with my Lantern going deaf after a day or so as you describe.

@Abhishek suggested I had too many files on my system causing the CHIP to fail. So I FTPed most of the old stff off to my computer, then deleted them from my Lantern, and the Lantern seems to stay up longer. I don’t know how this would impact a Raspberry Pi or Outernet InABox.


Rpi3 would suffer similarly

OuternetInABox does very little and won’t be affected by too many files. It doesn’t even have Librarian.

This is an unfortunate consequence of Librarian caching file metadata in RAM. This was done early on to improve performance, but in a RAM constrained system it causes services, including Librarian itself, to fail.

This is part of why Librarian is being redone.