CHIP was dead and came back to life?

I have been running my outernet setup a couple of weeks now and some time last night my system just stopped responding. When I looked at it there were no lights on, not in the LNA, not in the SDR, or on the CHIP. Power supply appeared to be good. I unplugged it and plugged it back in a couple of times and no joy. Left it sit for half a day and plugged it back in tonight, came up with lights blinking away and everything seems great.

Anyone else have this happen? Seems like some sort of issue with the CHIP to me? Thoughts?


have you also the power button pressed?

Nope, not sure why I didn’t try. Well, actually I am sure why I didn’t try. I found it was down right when I had to leave for somewhere, so I just tried a couple of things and then set it down. Came back hours later and plugged it back in and it was working fine. If it happens again I will try to approach it more methodically. I just wondered if anyone else had seen something like this and what it might be.

This sounds suspiciously like the problem I had recently, although you had run for weeks before the shut down.

Anyway, my problem was caused by the USB charging cord. Of the 6 or seven I have of various lengths, they all had problems consistently running my CHIP (in a Lantern configuration which means I had a backup battery connected to the CHIP). I finally replaced the USB cord with a short Belkins Fast Charge cord. Strange, but true.

And yes after a failure as you had, power up the CHIP from external source then press the power button for several seconds until the CHIP comes to life. Ken

It could be the same Ken. It hasn’t been up constantly for weeks, in fact the last time I had it down was just a couple of days ago. It has been turned off or reset a number of times over the last few weeks. The update caused some issues, and I move it around every now and then. It has not locked up on me like this before now, but I have had some times when I plugged it in and it either didn’t start or for whatever reason the LNA didn’t get powered up. Usually unplugging and plugging it back in fixed that. My power supply is a cheap one that I bought from MCM, but I have several of them that I use for powering my Raspberry Pi’s and charging my phone and they usually work well. I guess the CHIP is pretty particular? We shall see what happens.

Glad to help out - - don’t forget the power supply needs to be at lease 10 watts (2 amps dc at 5 vdc). Ken

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