Clearance on Unique RTLSDR: $25

We made a few active ceramic antennas that had the RTLSDR integrated onto the back of the ground plane. These are a steal at just $25. We only made a few dozen of these for testing. Only 16 left in inventory.

Hi Syed
Is the rtlsdr specific to the L band ?
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Since the RTLSDR is hardwired to the antenna, yes, it is specific to L-band. It is the SAW filter and antenna which prevent reception of anything outside of L band.

I also have one of these! It works! $25 is a steal!

Hi Syed
That’s excellent news.
I ordered 2 x units earlier on today.
Glad to hear from thomslik that they work well too,thank you.

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got one for my self :slight_smile:

I ordered one of these just to get a taste of what this is all about. What would be the recommended software to pair with it these days? I could do windows, *nix, or pi for hardware.

I figured if I like what I copy I could upgrade to the Dreamcatcher platform.

To receive Outernet, these easiest thing is to use Outernet in a Box.

Of course, it’s just an RTL-SDR, and there are numerous tutorials for receiving various Inmarsat signals.

HZ: A New Std-C Decoder


Comparing Inmarsat Antennas

on windows SDR#
on Linux GQRX the most commons

Perfect. Can’t wait to get started.

Is there anything special that I need to do to get this working with the CHIP, or is it just plug and play?

I am flashing skylark on it now.

Should just work; always has for me :wink:

The revised outernet homepage looks nice, good job
I add this because I now see all the clearance rtlsdr’s are now sold-out!

Those moved out pretty quickly. Glad to see them finding new homes.

Can we get some specs/info on these? Jumper usage, why I can’t see it with rtl_eeprom, txco specs, test point descriptions… Just got mine.


Works very well, it is quite sensitive though. I was hoping to use it with a 3d case I printed and it seems to pickup interference from the CHIP board. Once I moved it about a foot away, it began receiving 10+ db, better than the patch antenna. I guess I need to try the same thing with the patch antenna now, possibly print out a case similar to the lantern alphas.

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