Communication w/ Indigenous Cultures

Would this be possible? And if so, what are the possible benefits of this cultural exchange? I have been thinking about ways to communicate with these isolated civilizations that are completely unaware of technology. There aren’t many of them left, but they are there. When looking at this possibility from the standpoint of social psychology and anthropology, it’s an important question to ask. Here’s an article that got this going in my head this week before finding Othernet unexpectedly:

With artificial intelligence and nuclear fusion on the near horizon, we need to ensure that we are developing the new era in an ethical and humane way that will improve our lives, rather than replacing it with something else entirely.

Using the Othernet to communicate is most likely impossible; language barriers, non-existent tech skills, fear, the innability to comprehend the complexities of these technological innovations and the ways that their holistic ideologies can help to craft the future. We need them now more than ever, no doubt about that. Maybe one day this can be used to teach them what we know? To prepare them to help us make a decision?

You know… theoretically, this could be the same standpoint that extraterrestrial beings have towards us.

Hi, when I ordered my outernet/ othernet (All those years ago:), this is exactly the use case I had in mind, for the native tribes of Malaysia

Still living outside of mainstream, never getting internet, schooling always a problem

Bring it on syed, they are still waiting:)

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We are trying our damnedest ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I know syed, I know

Anything on a forward look for dates?

The EU beam is the next big thing. And then release of the enclosed version of the receiver.

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I want to get started, but I dont know where to begin. What is the best way to make one of these to connect to Othernet? And about how much will everything cost? I have spent my years studying the mind, it’s time for me to learn the technicalities of science.

Where you located and you in the north America beam?

Idk, I live in Las Vegas, NV. So I imagine so.

Yep you are in the beam then you can see the current kit from the store page then there is a all in one unit coming but we don’t have a eta on that from @Syed but the current one will keep working just fine and it’s almost better in my opinion if you want the attenna separate from the brains ( the receiver board) like in my case it’s easier to get power andgoid WiFi signal from the board to the router that way.