Connected and receiving data

Hi all, Nice to meet you all. Just wanted to chime in on my progress with my DC and introduce myself.

I grabbed a couple Dreamcatchers to fiddle around with (one currently based in Suffolk, UK), I’ve finally got my prototype antenna up and working, it’s given me a boost of about +4db, I plan to cut the cone down and shorten it, for now though it all seems to be working. Nominally I’m seeing about -11.5-12.5db SNR.

I’ve established a lock and am successfully downloading files, all of this has been completed without any precision aiming of the antennna with the use of a camera tripod and bits of wood & metal laying about.

With my additional DC, I plan to deploy this in the south of Spain. When lockdown calms down I’ll be working on making this happen.


Hey! Great job. It’s pretty cool to receive data from space. Welcome to the group. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi Cheaha, Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve cut the antenna down to size, re-aimed and I’ve seen an improvement of about +1db to the RX.

Still some improvements to be made, but overall pretty pleased.