Connecting Alpha Lantern OUTERNET Hot Spot to Wired Network

With the Lighthouse or ORxPi, one could connect its RJ45 port to a wired network so the entire campus could see the Librarian. Now with the L-Band DIY or Alpha Lantern, you don’t have that option as you connect to it thru its WiFi Hotspot. Possibly you could connect thru the Micro USB plug, but I need that for charging/running the Alpha Lantern.

The research I have done seems to indicate a WIRELESS ETHERNET BRIDGE could perform that function. I don’t have one, but have been experimenting with standard Wireless Routers operating in the Bridge Mode.

So far no luck - - any thoughts out there? Ken

Hi Ken

I had to flash my CHIP computer from the Original CHIP software.

When I played with the original software I was totally blown away by the capability and use-ability of the CHIP.

I am sure the CHIP has the capability to be networked any way you want.

My preferred option would be to plug a usb ethernet adapter into the usb hub I have installed and directly cable connect it to my router.

It is a real pain having to disconnect from my internal network and log onto the Outernet WiFi Hot-spot.

We already support USB-gadget (on Linux, but there is a customer who has figured out Windows support). And we also support a USB-ethernet bridge. Lastly, the CHIP can be used in client-mode, as opposed to AP-mode, since that is how we currently turn the receiver into a remote monitor.

I fully agree with Seasalt, swapping back and forth on my WiFi is really a pain.

I would also find it very useful to be able to remotely access the Lantern thru my remote access connection to my Home Network, or as Wolfgang did (with his Lighthouse), through port forwarding.

It would be very helpful if you could post instructions on your Wiki (where ever that went). I’m going to try powering my Lantern thru a USB hub, then plugging in a USB-to-ethernet adapter. The only problem I see is having to access the CHIP to program it to see the USB-to-ethernet adapter. Ken

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We’ll have a new image in the coming days that will allow you to associate the receiver with your local network. Once it’s on the local network, you can navigate to Librarian through the IP provided by the LAN.


Can’t just connect the lantern directly (by WiFi) to my router? I can see where you can put in a SSID, but the question is on the password - what level of encryption is it?

I believe it will use whatever is needed. I have my router set to wpa2 personal (tkip+aes) and it connects just fine. The password field should be below the ssid field.