Connecting but not actually receiving files

Hi—I’ve been doing more tests and will post them later—but for now, a general question–
I can get a SNR with decibels consistently over 5 and often in the 6 range, though it wavers, but have yet to receive any packets, after some time, over an hour (though have been trying all day but connecting intermittently off and on while swapping parts out). Here is a screenshot, where should we look for issues & troubleshooting?

What version of rxOS are you running?

It is rxOS 3.1

Would you mind showing a screenshot of SDR#? It’s possible that you are not seeing the Outernet channel, though I don’t know what else it could be. Where are you located? Is the antenna outside? That’s a pretty high SNR; I would assume your RSSI to be around -104 dBm instead of -112dBm.

Is this with CHIP?

This is upstate NY, using CHIP, outernet dongle, amp.
The antenna is a helix mounted in the outernet dish previously for Ku band (about which will post the how-to on this forum later, project still in progress hopefully done today).
Here is the SDR#, I think I can see the outernet signal at about the right third of the waterfall window…that’s it, right?

Also tested earlier using the patch antenna which was getting around 5 SNR, and also not receiving packets.

Ran it all night, 0 received as in earlier librarian screenshot from phone.
At this point I am thinking it could be problem with the CHIP. Note that it is the same CHIP used in earlier tests posted in this forum about reception problems in NYC. I have replaced all other parts of the system at least once except the CHIP.

I think same problem here
Signal is there but no data coming
Running Rapsberry PI3 with rxOS3.1
Outernet E4000 Stick + Outernet LNA + Outernet Patch antenna

In one of the tabs of the dashboard, there is an option to turn on/off the descrambler. Can you change that setting?

Switched all off/on nothing helped
removed the usb stick and reinstalled rxos on different sd Card now its working

So all is good? You are receiving packets and files?

It does seem there is something wrong with my first one.
Tested the new one today, all seemed to work great.
This is in NYC in a park in queens along the east river. I used CHIP, outernet E4000 and amp, patch antenna, battery.

I hung around long enough to receive over 800 packets but not any files, I’ll assume that will happen with time and another session.

Hmm…lots of lost packets. But glad that it’s all working for you now. I’m surprised that the problem was with the CHIP. Easy fix…