Connecting Lighthouse using serial Cable

Can we connect Lighthouse to laptop using the provided serial connector, to manage the content/ gain root access? I could not find any documentation regarding the provided serial cable, and its use. If we can gain root access, please do tell how?

We’ve had mixed results using serial. Some users were able to log in, I wasn’t. Username and password are the same. Baud rate is 115200.

Thanks. Is there any documentation for this, which you can direct me to?

We don’t have any documentation. We just assumed that users of the serial cable would know what to do with it. :)))

There really isn’t much to it. Just connect to your PC, use a telnet client, and telnet into the COM port.

Thank you very much. Yeah, I was a bit confused. Just now successfully gained access. :grinning:

Are you the same user that is having SSH problems?

If so, you don’t need to flash the unit. You can first try removing the faulty keys in /mnt/persist.

Yes, I am having problems with SSH. I sure can remove those keys, but then how will I generate them? ssh-keygen is not available on Lighthouse

You don’t have to. Just restart the dropbear init script and it should generate them.

Yes. It worked. Thanks. You helped a lot. :slight_smile:

No problem.