Constructive Comments

Have been running Raspberry PI3 and Librarian for some time.
Works great!!! (except for the delay in populating file list due to size - but that’s OK)
Now have a C.H.I.P. running Skylark v1.2 also running at same time.
MUCH prefer Librarian elegant interface on PI !
Skylark v1.2 obviously under development has some problems.
Had the hotspot problem after manual update.
No icons for Community Content, Schedules, Amateur Radio etc
Cannot open a file from within What’s New
Also, in both Pi and C.H.I.P. need a way to change IP from to whatever, as this will clash with many peoples router/modem setups!
(Yes, I can do it inside Linux, but need a ‘proper’ system interface to change it)
Having said all that, I’m still VERY impressed with the whole setup and the fantastic work the OUTERNET people are doing !
Geoff VK2ZAZ

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Thanks for the feedback–and spending time with the product. It’s very much appreciated.