Content Request: survival/preparedness resources

I would like to request that Outernet provides some resources for DIY preparedness, survival type topics. I think this would fit in very well with some potential disaster or emergency scenarios in which the Outernet would be an especially useful resource. I can help provide some suggestions for these type of resources if desired. Natural/herbal medicine resources would be great as well, and could fit into that subject.

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Throw some suggestions here! Couldn’t hurt. I for one am definitely interested in that genre of information.

Here’s some initial ones, I can add more later.

kind of separate, but this is a good general DIY site too:

It seems that all of the content you’ve suggested wouldn’t be admissible due to potential copyright violations. I only checked the bottom of each page for a copyright notice, so i could be wrong. I’m also not familiar with individual copyrights, as one of them seems under a ‘noncommercial’ copyright.
I’m a big fan of instructables, not sure what the copyright is on those articles either though.

that’s going to prevent making it available on outernet even though it’s available on the internet? isn’t about everything copyrighted in some way or another?? maybe we’d need to just ask permission of authors

That’s what you need, author’s permission. A copyright indicates how freely they give that permission. I’m sure if it were obtained it would be a simple matter to add it to the list (when the content system is up) and i believe that’s the intended method of gaining authors.

That’s what license does. Copyright is just something you automatically get when you create some work.

A clear example of my lack of understanding copyrights. :smiley:

im not the librarian just looked in his page an choosed some excerpts

All of the books listed are Public Domain or have expired Copyrights so you are free to download and print them. All of them are in PDF format and are primarily from page scans of original printed book sources. In many cases there is also an EPUB version available.

If you do want to host it or even just part of it feel free. Keep in mind however that so far the Library files are pushing 70 GB of data and continuing to grow. I’m uploading another 500mb right now to put the rest of the Livestock categories online.

We originally hosted it on a commercial website which sponsored the Library but within a couple days we exceeded their bandwidth limitations. We’ve since moved it to a different server. The Commercial website that hosted us is gone now so we’re hosting it personally.

For simplicity we’re keeping all the files in a single directory though the offline copies are separated by category which some people might prefer. So if you want to mirror the library entirely email me at [email protected] and we’ll see if there is an easier way to get the files to you than having to download something pushing 10k files.

The Librarian

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excellent find!! I hope we can get this content added

public domain stuff always works!!! US Army Field survival guide:

sorry this is a double post of one I started. Didn’t see this topic. This is a PERFECT use case for outernet. Someone in trouble or stuck in remote area! Love it!

This is a self help acupressure for disasters situations, a multi-lingual website designed for low bandwidth, in english, french, spanish, portuguese, thai, indonesian.
Material based on same methods used with affluent patients at Stanford Hospital, acupressure is thousands of years old, is sustainable. Veryhelpful in situations where medical help is not available or until the right care arrives in your life. It was made with help from many volunteers, including Dr. Earl Mason, Ph.D., M.D. and his wife Eileen Mason.