Contributing to Outernet

I would like to contribute to Outernet. What is the law with regards to clipping public websites as PDF? Example, a how to article. Can that kind of information be uploaded to outernet to help other people? Also, is there a way to submit large groups of files all at once? Can I start my own channel? The more information that is available on outernet, the more valuable this product becomes.

I read that and it is still unclear

In general, PDFs are strongly discouraged. their content-size efficiency is ridiculous bad. Best way to share a web page is to either extract the text from it (if its just text content), or to use one of the browser extensions (like SinglePage on chrome) to save the html as unified page. But once again, size is very critical, so minimizing images etc, eliminating when they are not necessary - is a big plus.

Clipping public websites - depends on the source sites’ policy regarding their copyright.

Multiple files at once - not via the file caster interface, but start with some files and if things go fine, I am sure we will be happy to arrange a more convenient mechanism.


@syed, ping!

Thank you for the reply. I will research a way to extract text from PDF’s