Current DC 3.05

Syed … I have been away for quite a while. My earlier DC is off. I look at the discussions a few times a month. Still amazed at your dedication. Do you think current hardware is now stable enough not to be replaced in the future?

Ha, sometimes I’m amazed at my dedication. A sane person would have moved on a long time ago.

We are all-in on using LoRa as the modulation. Dreamcatcher will definitely change over time so that we can further cost-reduce, but the modulation will not change–and that is key.

So you think the current board should be happy working for maybe a year? With only software downloads of more nutritious food.

Definitely another year. I’m renewing the leases with SES this week.

Ask for a Senior Discount !

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And the leases on Astra??

One lease is on Astra 3B (Europe) and the other is on SES-2 (North America).