D.C. board 5V power points

still troubleshooting my new DC and active antenna…

I need to know, please, are there any options, different from the microUSB socket, to feed the board with the 5V supply? I don’t trust uUSB connections.

What about the LIPO_BAT and CHG-IN connectors? What are they for?

I’m putting together a linear regulator based on LT1083 to supply the cleanest possible 5V from a 12V lead acid battery.



CHG-IN can be used to power it. CHG-IN goes to an on-board regulator, and you can feed in 5-7V at the CHG-IN pin. There is a 0.5V drop at the regulator though, so best is to feed 5.5V. Try not to go too much higher than that as all that extra voltage is simply going to be dropped across the regulator and cause the regulator to heat up.

Also, it is very easy to connect things the wrong way (GND/CHG-IN reversed) and blow the board. So be extra careful.

OK, thanx I’ll keep that in mind for when I decide to start using CHG-IN… I’ll be able to feed it with 5.5-6.0V from the adjustable linear regulator.
oh, I assume that Positive is the pin with the square pad.
As for LIPO-BAT, there are photos showing a white and/or black connector (my DC has unpopulated hole), is it fair to guess that it can be used for a backup LiPo battery? Single 3.7V cell or two cells in series, 7.4V…?



@zoltan can answer that better than I can.

you can power the USB input of the board with 5V from JP1 current sense option jumper (+) and any GND point in it’s proximity, for example CHG-IN headers lower, GND side (see illustration)

(CHG-IN input is not good for powering the board, put there for evaluation options.)