Data broadcast stop?


what happened ?


i just reboot the lighthouse and start to get broadcast again

OUTERNET-RX-1.4.200.PKG donwloading :smiley:


1.4.200 has a small glitch. We’re working on a fix right now. You may see 404 pages trying to access content with 1.4.200. Sorry about that.


i need to put manually or it will be broadcasted over the net ? now on 1.4.100


I believe it’s on air right now. You can certainly manually update.

Here’s the latest:



the past image show downloading 1.4.200, but the box dit not auto update
im on 1.4.100 and no image donwload signs


We removed 1.4.200 because it has a bug.


manually update :smiley:


1.4.201 should be on air right now, though.