DC 3.05 In the box

Two questions:
I have the previous DC and the earlier LNBF Maverick MK1-PLL. I’m using both now. What is the difference between I have and the new LNBF? Can I still continue to use the one I have with the the new DC? If so, can I get a better price than $59?

Is the clear acrylic cover included?


If you have the previous one, I don’t advise getting the current version. They do the same thing, so you aren’t really gaining anything.

Thanks Syed,

Is the acrylic top cover available as you show in picture of new DC?

Clarification on LNBs

Just to confirm the new Othernet Dual Band LNB is not immediately compatible with default settings on free-to-air (FTA) receivers. Adjustments (I have not figured out yet) must be made. The Maverick LNB works fine with FTA receivers.

The SNR of the Othernet Dual Band LNB is about 3 dB lower than the Maverick - - SNR (Othernet Dual Band) +4.0 dB while on the Maverick SNR was +7 dB. Rssi for both LNBs on my offset dish antenna were -96 dBm. Ken

I don’t see why it would not be compatible, My free-to-air receiver allows 10.600 or 9.75, or the maverick 10.750 local oscillator settings. That said, I do have one pansat / viewsat that defaults to the 10.750.

the othernet lnb dual band lnb is clearly marked, but I think clarification is needed for the skylark settings for the lnb-tuner settings.

  1. What LO frequencies are set / calculated by the lnb selection
  2. What lnb bias-tee dc voltage is directed into the coax
  3. Is the 22khz tone applied along with the bias-tee volt

Yes, that should be true. But when I use the Othernet Dual LNB, my FTA gets no signals on SES-2 (or any other satellites). With no change to the FTA receiver and with the Maverick, I get FTA channels on SES-2 (and all other satellites).

I’am using an Openbox S9HD PVR. Ken

Is anyone else seeing worse SNR from the dual band LNB? I’ve always seen either slightly better performance or the same SNR.

As I stated earlier after receiving the dual band LNB for testing, the SNR is about 2dB lower than my old original Maverick with the Rssi about the same. But I’m still using it with my original hardware cloth cone, and have acceptable performance. I haven’t switched back to the Maverick.

Is that half-inch hardware cloth?

No, quarter-inch.

Lambda/10 is the point where gaps in the material should not impact performance. So that’s 0.1" screen/mesh.

Isn’t that approximately plain old (US) window flyscreen material?