DC v3.0Q Bit the dust

I was disappointed today when I was hooking up my DC to my RF transmitter when I noticed that the DC had no lights. It appears that L20 and the transistor to the bottom left of it are super hot to the touch.

Wonder if it is repairable?

My 3.02Q had a similar failure -super hot U1 (it caused skin blister when I touched it). My solution was to buy the 3.03.

Since the hot chip was one of main voltage regulator modules, I tried to replace it but the second got so hot when I re-energized it that the solder holding the the tab liquified. — I figured it was not worth proceeding any further troubleshoot.

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I’m a bit of a cheap ass. Before I call it quits I’d at least like to try. U15 has markings of AC3G8 or AC3GB, looking online I am unable to find the part. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

It looks like u15 is the 3.3V line regulator or something.

@jason_matonis Was this failure due to tinkering? Or did it just blow up by itself? If the latter, can you send an email to [email protected]?

It’s been sitting in the same place in a 3D printed box when I discovered it was dead. I’ve since removed U15.

Ok, please send an email so we can provide a warranty replacement.

Thank you!

Thanks again! I am back up.